(ELŐRENDELÉS) Don't Drop the Soap (HU)

(ELŐRENDELÉS) Don't Drop the Soap (HU)

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79,00 lej
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120 perc
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The Social Card game where there are no winners, just one loser.
Don’t Drop The Soap is a dark humored, fast-paced card game of hot potato set in a prison shower. Players take the role of prison inmates who are, literally, trying to screw each other over. The objective of the game is to not be the player who drops the soap.
Each turn players must play one action card from their hand. The game ends when a player runs out of options and is forced to play a soap card. Although you may never win a game of ‘Don’t Drop The Soap’ you can influence the game in such a way that you decides who loses.

Are you skilled enough to get the booty you want? Or will you end up as someone else prison bitch? You do what you gotta do in here, just Don’t Drop The Soap.

Don’t Drop The Soap is made up of a single deck of 59 Cards. The game is designed to be played by 3 – 6 players. The rules are very simple; Play a card from your hand and do what the card says. Most rounds last around 10 to 15 minutes, giving ample opportunities for revenge and grudge matches.